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Mine is a Model 75 Hunter in .223 Remington. It is my predator control rifle. We live in the country and have coyotes and groundhogs to deal with. I chose the Sako because of my previous experience with them and for the detachable magazine. I can't leave a loaded rifle around my place for various reasons so it remains unloaded with a magazine nearby.

It likes the Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 50 grain ammo a lot. Any five shot group over .75" is attributable solely to operator error. I particularly like the Sako in .223 because it is built on an action scaled to the shorter cartridge unlike Remington, Tikka and most others who use the .308 size action and use magazine inserts to keep the cartridges secure.

It is the third Sako that I've owned. Previously, I had older models in .270 and a heavy barrel 6mmPPC single shot. The PPC has a lot to recommend it and mine took a fair number of groundhogs at significant distances. It's an easy round to load for although brass and factory ammo isn't cheap. Once you have the brass however it lasts a very long time due to the round's low pressure.

I don't do that much rifle shooting anymore. My tastes tend toward shotguns for sport but the Sako in .223 is definitely a keeper. I did see an old style 6mmPPC Hunter at a gun store the other day and was sorely tempted. The PPC is a very underrated cartridge IMHO for small game shooting.
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