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Final follow up on this thread. I received my shotgun from Wilson/Scattergun today. It arrived in a white cardboard box surrounded by foam peanuts. I would have wrapped the gun in a plastic sleeve (trash bag)first as the barrel/action had peanuts in it.

I noticed some type of a "grit" in the action. I have no idea what it was but it cleaned out very easily with WD40 (PLEASE no one start flaming as to WD40 being bad for guns) The safety is very stiff to manipulate to the point it is difficult to easily switch off/on, and will be replaced with a jumbo head one. I will also cut a coil or two off of the spring. They replaced the shell follower with a standard Remington grey plastic type. This will be replaced with a hi-vis solid type. The bead was installed right into the bbl no ramp was installed as I thought it would. The stock used is a Remington marked black synthetic. Finally, the mag tube cap was replaced with a new style that has a sling swivel stud. Unfortunately this new cap does not have the detents in it for the old style bbl. I will call Wilson tomorrow and ask them to send me my old style back, as these new style just do not seem to be compatible with the old style bbls. The parkerization overall was OK.

In short I can recomend the Wilson/Scattergun shotgun re-build. The price that they charge (about $178 including return postage)is fair for the what, and the quality of work that they do.

As a note I have seen 870 Express' in fair/good condition selling for around $180-200. It may have been smarter to just pick up one of these guns and cut the bbl myself and re-install the bead (just an afterthought).

Lastly, Today I picked up a Browning (A5 style)Light Twelve, 12ga, 2.75" chamber, black synthetic stock, made in Japan, in about 98-99% condition. If someone could look this up in their Fjestead (sic)Blue Book and post the value here I would appreciate it very much. I'm also looking for a last years issue of the blue book (cause I'm too cheap to buy this years) any body have one they want to sell inexpensively.



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