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i always wear safety glasses,and ear protection when i shoot.maybe i should get in the habbit of posting such advice,thanks.
when i got my first sako,the 2 bolt version,i looked at alot of rifle action in that popular shooters book i can't remember the name of(had rare stuff like texas magnum,etc.).i liked the clean approach sako takes on design:stronge,lean,quality manufacture.
what caliber/style 75 do you have PJR?- i'll probably opt for a 223
for practicality,but my snobby side may come out at puchase time and the 6mmPPC would be the
i should mention that i chose the sako over a weatherby for a few reasons.while i could live with the mass of the MKV,it didn't come in the particular calibers i wanted.also i wanted to control the ejection to make chasing brass a moot point.last,i knew sako had one of the best triggers out of the box.the 75 takes it a step further with a low bolt throw,and without the difficulty of the MKV.
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