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Well my shotgun (sent in for the $169.00 rebuild) made it to the Wilson plant, in the transfer of guns/equipment from Scattergun Tech. in TN. (In case readers don't know, Scattergun Tech. was bought by Wilson Cbt.) Wilson will not give me any idea of when my gun will be returned. Although they are very friendly and nice, all they tell me is that "your gun is being worked on, we'll get it back to you ASAP , but unfortunately we can't tell you how long it will be before we ship it out". Personally I'm just a little bit PO'd. I can't understand why they could not at least tell me; hey its gonna be at least 90 days, or something like that. But now I fear the worst and that it may take a lot longer than 90 days. Maybe they are having problems getting equipment for the shotgun line set up?!?!

So, anybody here know anything about the Wilson/Scattergun Tech merger and when I might get my shotgun back?



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