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Well, sort of...really skeet is a specialist Olympic strand of shotgunning and normally requires a specialist gun, usually a O/U here, with very open chokes.
I assumed(wrongly?) your Mozzie is a pump gun with tube mag etc.

Use for HD is extremely possible with a u/o set up for skeet(Scan for "shoot") due to the expected close ranges used. But you have only two shots(one is often enough though!!)with a double s/s or o/u.
As far as confidence goes 4-5 shots from an I/Choke pump-gun gives a bit more scope and choice of ammo(slugs - SSGs etc etc).

Perhaps you need TWO guns, eventually! As a dual purpose anything s always mediocre in either function, as it is of course a compromise.

This is how great collections are started...go buy another!

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