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PM - skeet is shot here with a "jugged" choke(even more scatter) and skeet choke(no choke atall -as far as I can see!), top and bottom for a superimposed or u/o.
Screw-ins are used but not favoured by the top shooters, who have spare barrels for each match.PATTERNS with #10 abd #9 shot(British sizes - I don't know US ones) are ALL important in this fast and excellent match.
If the 'accu-choke' is one of the adjustable varieties EG like a 'Coutts Compensator' (?) my experience is that it is probably OK for farm use, but results have to be monitored carefully on pattern boards or news-print for hunting, as only a small twist in either direction can alter patterns quite dramatically.
I refused a Mosberg 12GA P/A with a badly fitted/soldered factory fitted adjustable choke some time back, which on "full" could not even hit a rabbit at 35m !I personally came to hate it. (It also had a "tear " of solder left on the connection, but that could have been reamed out OK).
Any heavy chokes like that at the fore-end tend to adversely affect balance/handling and also look ugly, in many people's opinion they are also not what shotgunning is all about.....

Well, that's my opinion - for what it is worth.

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