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Lee desert and everyone, thanks to your good advice I just bought the Winchester 1300 Lady defender pump action with an 18" barrel this morning for $269 new, with 2 3/4 shells. (I also tried the Remington 870 Youth but the stock was way too long). The gunsmith still needs to take about two inches off the stock of my Winchester because of my short arms, but said I should shoot it first as is and then we'd talk about how much to take off exactly. Still don't understand the choke. Am I understanding it right that if ever I was to use it for hunting, the barrel would need to be longer? Can barrels be exchanged easily? It may not be that important because my main purpose is home defense, but who knows. I will need to read up on the other posts as well before asking more questions. One of you had a great article on ammunition..Thanks again for all your help.
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