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I recommend the Winchester 1300 Camp gun in 20 guage. My wife wanted a good defense shotgun. We ended up with that and we're both delighted with it. It's very reliable, very fast to action, accurate, minimal recoil and, with 2 3/4 shells, I believe we can stuff a total of eight into the gun. We've both used this gun in local shooting club three-gun shoots and never had a problem with this firearm. I like it so much I'm going to get one for myself someday soon. My wife shoots this quite a bit and has gotten over her 12 guage induced recoil shyness. Additionally she likes the pump-action sound as a deterrent if she determines that someone is in the house who shouldn't be. It has never once malfunctioned -- even with different size shells in the magazine. I've not come across too many autoloaders that have this degree of reliability.
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