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I had sort of the same problem. My wife to be had never been exposed to weapons and became interested after trying clay pigeons. After showing her the realities of the world, she wanted a shotgun for home defense. The problem was sticker shock. After perusing new shotguns available and the prices I went with an alternate route. I picked up a used Winchester 1200 in twenty guage, cut the barrel back to 18 1/4 inches, shortened the stock and added a recoil pad. Fits her perfectly now and total investment was 90$ for the shotgun, 10$ to have the barrel shortened, and 20$ to have the stock shortened and recoil pad added. The only difference I can see between this and the new Defender type shotguns is that it has a standard magazine tube that only holds 4 rounds. But, she's happy with it and my wallet is happy.
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