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I am new to guns but signed up for a class and hope to get my concealed weapons permit. A friend initially recommended the SIG P229 pistol to me, but the more I read about the versatility and effectiveness of shotguns, the more I am thinking I would like a shotgun. Does anyone know of a good shotgun that I could handle, being 5'6 and slim build, with very small hands? I have read a bit about the Mossberg 500/590, the Remington 870, and the 1100LT -20 Youth, and the Winchester 1300 Lady Defender. (Hope I am getting these right.)My concern is the recoil because I am not very strong. Also, I am not sure about the length of the barrell. I could afford about $ 300, but not much more than that. Any advice that anyone has about whether this is a good idea, and what I should buy would be greatly appreciated! My home is in a rural area and I'd like the shotgun for home defense. I am the only one who would use the gun, but I'd need to protect another person. Also, I have a big property and am wondering if practicing on my own land would be legal? Sorry for asking such beginner's questions.. Thank you very much for any advice that you might have.
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