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Sambonatur: Actually, this would neatly fill a niche for hunting turkey in many of the areas in TX where I hunt. In the river bottems, it gets pretty close, and shotgun would be useful, but often one can spot flocks across fields and close to within 80 yards without spooking too badly. A light bullet from a .223 high in the breast where the neck meets is a fine longer-range tactic for turkey. Further, with heavier bullets, the .223 could, technically, be used to harvest deer from close range.

As a varminter, it would be SUPERB, esp. calling in predators at night or late evening.

For combo-hunts, it could be pressed into service as a quail gun, though it's a bit bulky and heavy....

I'd rather see the rifle caliber be something a BIT more stout, say .243, or .257 Rbts. (A round for hunters, I know, but so is the .222 Magnum, and that didn't seem to bother NATO...)

I like it, but the only diference between this and the Savage Combo gun is that it's a repeater. I suppose it fills a niche there, but is it so good that it's worth the cost of a good bolt rifle, properly scoped, and a good repeater shotgun, and ammo for said firearms? I doubt it....

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