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With the simple movement of your finger you have a choice of shotgun or rifle...# 6's or .223 Rem...any type of shotgun
ammunition available including less-lethal rubber pellets, bean bags, CS/CN tear gas, or 00 Buck and slugs..the rifle is
designed with at 1-9 twist to use the advanced cartidge design in .223 cal ammunition.

Manufactured in the United States of America under ISO 9001 quality control standards, using the best milspec features, the
Crossfire® has everything the sportsman, hunter or law enforcement officer wants, such as: pump action for both firing
systems, optional Meprolite® Tritium adjustable night sights, Invector®-style choke tubes, single trigger, single fire control
selector, Picatenny style optical rail on the receiver and under the forearm, 4 round removable shotgun magazine, AR-15 type
5-round rifle magazine, composite stock and forearm, and is available in black oxide or camo finish. To have all of these
features available in on compact package could only add up to one thing, Crossfire, the ultimate 21st century firearm

The Crossfire MK-1 will be available in the Spring of 1999 from your local firearms dealer.
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