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Unless you're planning on shooting forty-eleven zillion shells, try rolling your own.
Just match the VOLUME of 2-F black powder with the VOLUME of shot used. This eliminates most all one piece modern wads. If you don't have nitro card or over powder cups,then try cutting the cushioning section out of a one piece wad & set the shot cup right on top of the over powder cup. You don't realy need the cushion with black powder loads anyway. You WILL need the shortest base wad shell you can find to start with(largest internal volume shell to house all that black powders volume). Idealy you need a 1/4in. felt coushion wad just to scrub the bore..... black powder leaves crud BIG TIME.
Just remember to use the same VOLUME of powder as shot. It takes 81 gr. of B.P. to equal 1 1/8 oz.shot in volume to go 3 dr. or 1200 mv.
So, if you can't get everything stuffed in there with a good crimp, then just cut back or increase the shot AND powder by aqual volume. They will break birds every bit as good as modern loads, except you won't know it til the smoke clears ! Oh, remember to clean your gun (and yourself) with soap & water as soon as you're done shooting. You may already be rusty, but you ain't seen noth'in til you leave that smoke-pole uncleaned.

Ralph in In.

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