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A whole new market? Mr. Eatman, I do believe you are making fun of me. And if so, you're right!

If not, you're definitely "not right!"

I'm not a reloader, but I might just give it a try. Blowing up rotten fruit, Ramen noodles, computer monitors, and VCRs can only hold my attention for so long.

fal- I think I get what you're saying. The petals would fold in on themselves, like a flower blossoming in reverse. Hmmm...

Perhaps if the backwards shot cup had a STIFF post in the middle of it, extending back between the petals to the wad, to keep the whole thing from compressing. Sort of like the collapsing recoil/acceleration reducer in, say, Federal shells, but without the collapsing bit. Don't know what would be stiff enough, though, without becoming a de facto 'slug'.

A solid cylinder of plastic, with each petal being 1/4 of the cylinder, might work better. Need to drill a hole or something down the center to let the gasses get in there...hinge it at the foreward end...mutter...mutter...putter...grumble...putter...putter...

OH! I'm sorry. I got lost in a train of so called "thought". Gotta get into the workshop now...

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