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If you can run 25's consistantly with 30 in. barrels.....go for it. But most good skeet shooters use 24 to 28 in. barrels. Most good trap shooters use 28 to 34 in. barrels. The target distance & angle ( amount of swing ) dictates proper barrel length. I think you will find through pattern testing that your Citori will make a much better trap gun.
I have a Citori Sporting Clays Special with 28 in. ported c/t barrels which I use exclusively for singles & handicap trap.
I don't shoot skeet any more.... lost vision in my shooting eye or sporting clays....too expensive.
I rigged a two bead sighting device on the right side of the barrels....I'm left handed, & have been shooting this year with it. My singles average is 95.3, which is about what it was three years ago when my left eye went bad.
By the way, I load a 1300 MV one ounce load that patterns super good in this Citori which is highly unusual for a fast load....all my other 12's pattern best with 1100 to 1140 MV. We're talking lead shot here, steel is another story.
Hope you get your HiStandard fixed o-k

Muzzle down- range or up, safety #1

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