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Ralph, I have not had the chance to do any pattern tests with any of my shotguns to this point. I Do plan on testing both shotguns in the very near future, And will test the Citori with many different loads and choke tubes. The Citori is only used for Skeet, And so far i have only used "light" loads (1200fps),=17.6g Clays, Windjammer wad, Winchester primer, 1 1/8oz #9 shot, AA shells. I'm not sure why i only use this gun for Skeet because it is a "Special Sporting Clays" shotgun, But i just seem to score better with it in Skeet.
I have never really thought much about my 30" barrels as being a "handicap" But i get your point. I suppose i would do better at close range Skeet shooting with a set of 26"ers, Or do the "Good" Skeet shooters use 28"? I am looking forward to my first complete round hitting all 25 targets but to this point i have always missed atleast one bird. Maybe i should invest in a shorter barrel soon, After i get my High Standard repaired. Mike

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