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Hello gang;This is my first post here in the shotgun area, and MAN do i have a question. I have been shooting Trap and Scrap for about a year now, And my favorite Shotgun for this game is a High Standard Trap gun i picked up at a gun show for $275.00. I have found that when i load it "heavy", I dont have to guess at leads as much cuz when 1,1/8ths oz of #7.5 shot is buzzin along at 1496fps you dont leave much time for the bird to get away. This load is called a "feild load" by my loading manual, and not considred a "magnum" shell. It does set you back in your seat when you drop the hammer but it is very consistant and fast. I do much better with the faster loads, That is , Until last friday night.
I had just pulled the trigger on my 35th round in doubble trap and the bolt locked midway in the reciver and would not eject the spent shell. I took it to the local gunsmith who said that some parts in the slide carraige assembly were broken and for $130.00 he could fix it if he could find the parts.
I know there are some shotguns out there that are designated as "light load" guns, Is my High Standard not suppose to be able to handle heavy loads? Does anyone have any suggestions as what type of shotgun i should be using for such heavy, long range shooting? I love the HIgh Standard, And i also have a O/U Browning Citori w/30" ported barrels which i use for skeet but for some reason it fires the exact same shells 50-60fps slower than the High Standard. Whats UP with that? Mike

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