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15 rounds inside a drum? Who thought that up?
I personally HATE the usually hoppers most paint ball guns come with. If your training for combat, don't you think a 15-30rd drum is more realistic that a 400rd hopper?

A magazine fed select fire marker that can carry 20 to 60 shots.
Are these magazines spring loaded like real mags are?

I don't know if a magazine that you have to push paint balls into (under stress...paint ball skirmish stress ) is going to be as practical, as a dump it in, gravity fed, paint ball hopper. What happens if paint ball number 25,out of 30, gets squished when your loading up? Maybe a "drum" isn't so bad???

Probably the same cat that put the air tank on the side.
I think they should always be straight out the back. I hate it when your pinned down on the dirt and you've got something sticking 10 inches into the ground.

I really would like to see something other than the periscop hoppers on paint ball guns. The last place I played at, I was elimated during a game, because My hopper got shot.

In fact, if your NOT using paintball as a training tool - your missing out.
I totally agree.

The guns got to be a little more realistic though.
Find out about Gun Shows and Training activities.
Get your gun club involved!!
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