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I have a Mossberg 500 which came with a 28 in. field barrel and a 24 in. rifled slug barrel. My field barrel has interchangable choke tubes..and yours probably does also. Are you going to be carrying your shotgun for hunting..or are you carrying it specifically for defense? If you have interchangable choke tubes..use the I.C. or Modified cylinder tubes..if it is a fixed full choke..never'll shoot slugs safely. I have shot 2 3/4" slugs out of a VERY tight full choked barrel...the accuracy was terrible..but at close range it is fine..if you are going to make the slugs the last two shells in your gun youll have to fire off the first few shells that time, whatever big game (bear?) you are worried about will be within very close range...and the full choke innaccuracy wont matter. Mossbergs FAQ's page has a answer for this topic at
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