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Really a lot of fun. I burned up 30 shells. Mostly some #9 light target loads with a few #5 magnums and a couple of 00 buck. My only other experience with a 12 ga came from a single shot H&R and my Stoeger SXS Coach gun, both of which produce a lot of recoil. For the most part, the 12ga Rem 870 was very tolerable, with only the #5's being uncomfortable. I think I was having so much fun, I sort of forgot that it might hurt. The only thing that stopped me from shooting more today was the heat. Thanks for all the suggestions in my Benelli post about the subject. Next up will be the 20 ga Browning BPS. I'm almost afraid to shoot that because of all the fun I had with the Rem 870. I've got a bad feeling this is going to get real expensive real fast. Anybody want to buy a boat? I may need to sell it to pay for shells.

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