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Hi Byerly, I agree with Eric pretty much down the line. Probably the biggest thing most SG owners screw up is not shooting enough. Too many folks think the 30 inch pattern forms 4 feet in front of the muzzle.

I also agree bigtime with the light on the gun. If you ever want to see how well they work, just illuminate your self in a mirror late one night after your eyes have adjusted to a dark house. (umm - clear the gun first)

I find that either the bronze wool that good woodworking shops sell or a "ChoreBoy" copper wool pan scrubber works well. Take an old bore brush and wrap the wool around it for a tight fit, lubricate the thing with a solvent and scrub away. You do have to dissassemble the ChoreBoy, just make sure you get the staples out. Works nicely on leaded pistol barrels also. Pay attention to the forcing cone area, that's where your wadding will leave the most residue.


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