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Jeff, If you'll look at VangComp's website you'll notice that they do complete 870 packages, utilizing your 870 or supplying one themselves. They; however, use the MMC ghostring sights (which have a fabulous reputation) and stay with the standard Remington stock, although I believe they shorten the length of pull and install a diff. recoil pad or chamfer the edges. It mainly goes down to your preference on sights - do you want the Scattergun sights or the MMC ghostrings? Obviously, the Vang barrel modification is the heart, next to the sights, of the package. My preference would be to go with the Vang Comp 870 package, barrel modiications done, and dedicated surefire fore-end. As to the MCS porting, I'm not sure as to what the overall opinion on shotgun porting is, that's probably a whole new thread! I have porting on my Marine Mag. 870 (on an improved cylinder bore, I believe) and like the almost absent muzzle rize, but would like the decreased pattern size of the Vang barrel mods. also. EricO
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