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I looked at gun-shop #2 last night. Benelli M1 is around 850.00, acceptable price given the going prices in my area.
I also looked at the 390 and was impressed. It handeled better than the Rem 870, but not as nice as the Benelli. About the same as the Browning BPS. I also took another look at the Rem 870 and the 11-87.
I am leaning again towards the Rem 870, despite the recoil thing. Overall construction and reputation of the 870 may end up being the decideing factor. If I can't deal with the recoil, I'll just pass the 870 on to my son, and try something else.

Rob: RE:My comment about whoreing my business to the lowest price. The Rem 870 goes for $265.00 at my local gun shop. Down the road is a K-mart selling the same 870 for 209.00. That's a pretty big difference. Sometimes it isn't about money though. K-mart doesn't have a half a cup of hot black on the counter when they see me pull into the parking lot. K-mart doesn't support my right to own the gun of my choice. For K-mart,my purchase is just a bottom line figure, for the local dealer it's more $$ to keep him in my community. I do try to support all the local gun sellers, even the hated big K, after all, they do still sell guns and ammo. I don't mean to lend a sanctimonious (sp) attitude to this. I am not comfortably well off by any streach,but a few dollars isn't that important to me. All my guns remind me of the good conversation and advice I got when I purchased them. Somehow "Will that be cash or credit" doesn't seem to cut it for a good memory. I don't make a living with a gun, so for me a gun is not just another tool, it is a luxuray(sp) item. Kind of like my boat is to fishing. I enjoy fishing, whether or not I am in a boat. I catch more fish when I am in my boat, but I don't get any more enjoyment out of catching more fish. Fishing is fun.Sorry bout the length of my half-a$$ed explanation, butit's kind of hard to put into words.

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