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Since the concern is with recoil, I would probably go with a 11-87--and have that hans guy work it over...or just get one from him the way you want it.......Ive owned and shot both benelli's and 11-87's, the benelli was lighter and faster and recoiled more, the 11-87 was heavier and absorbed the recoil better. Now Ive not used any of the recoil reduction type of systems.....Im refering here to the ones they inseert in the stock and someone who has experience and more knowledge will have to tell you if they work but that might be an option to consider--considering the recoil problem you might be best served talking to that hans fella and let him work through it with ya----
In regards the hand and eye coordingtion...Im always looking for techiniques that can be applied and Ive found that people who live with the problems have the best insight....good shooting...fubsy.
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