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I went looking for a shotgun testerday.
I narrowed it down to 3.

Rem 870,12 ga-Ugly finish one, not the Wingmaster, @ 245.00 to 269.00 depending on the store.

Browning BPS @ $444.00, newer version with gold trigger and one less post on the vent rib,,,28 guage,,I dearly love this gun but really question the practicality of the 28 guage vs the cost of ammo.

Benelli 12 ga-I can't remember the model #,but it was the wood stock version with a picture of a cat as the only embellishmnet. Absoultly the sweetest feel of anything I have ever put to my shoulder! The problem is the over $1000.00 price.

Is the Benelli worth the extra $$.?

For 1K I can get both the Rem and the BPS, plus a -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-load of shells.
For 1K I can get the BPS and not worry about the cost of 28 Ga shells.

*For the record. The prices are the asking prices at my local dealers. Going elswhere, even to save $50.00 to $100.00 is NOT an option. I will not whore my business to the lowest price. These guys have a certain overhead to cover, and I appreciate their presence in my community. Saving a buck is as important to me as the next guy, but,,,well off my soapbox.
*Also for the record. I do not shoot a shotgun often. I don't hunt, am right handed,but due to being blind in my right eye, am forced to shoot left handed. It is very un-natural to do so, and as a result I have a very bad flinch with any shoulder arm with recoil above the 30-30 level.

Should I just forget the whole thing and stick to handguns. I did see a real nice Loaded Springfield for $515.00 that was very tempting.

Too many guns to want, and not enough zeros in the paycheck in the left side

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