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Without being there to see how/where you are shooting, it is kinda hard to guess what the problem is..but:

Start at the first station and just keep shooting until you are breaking them consistently. The leads there are minimal and you should be able to get a feel for the targets pretty quickly..

Then move to the next station and follow the same procedure.

Byt the time you get near the middle the problem most peoplehave is a lack of lead.. you need to lead about twice as much as you would think. And don't try "meet" the bird or rifle it out of the air.. you have to move the gun, pick up the bird, pull through it, get in front of it and then, pull the trigger.

Remember that the shot cloud not only expands outward, but in length also.. the cloud may be 4-6 feet long by at the bird's range.. imagine throwing the cloud in front of the bird.. you want the bird to run into your cloud of shot.. the best broken birds break front end first, that gives you the biggest margin of error.

Trying to learn Skeet by shooting a regular round is tough.. the leads change every 4 or 5 shots, so there is no pattern to learn by.. you have to go station by station to really learn properly.

good Luck.
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