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AR Man , I just picked up the same shotgun about 2 weeks ago . I have always used Remington but I have an 870 Police that has been at the factory since I bought it 2 months ago and they have no idea when I will get it back . So to show my displeasure I picked up the 590 just to have an extra shotgun , I like it better than the Remington , it pumps smoother , patterns better and kicks less . I paid $299 for mine so I think you found a good price . The military version [590A1] does not have the heat shield , has a thicker barrel , metal trigger guard assembly and metal safety button , it also runs an extra $100 . I have a friend that is a training officer for a local PD , they just bought 6 of the 590A1's and after shooting them they said they would never use Remington again [they have used 870's for years] . Before I get yelled at I do have an 870 Marine Magnum that I love , and I have Remington hunting shotguns , but they are not the company they used to be . One thing I did put on my 590 was the metal safety button from Brownells , I doubt the plastic one would give you any trouble , the one on my 835 turkey gun has worked fine but I was ordering parts and thought I would try one . Good Luck ,Mike...
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