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I plan on buying a shotgun this week. Its sole purpose will be for home defense.

I'm either going to get a 12 or 20ga (wife will be using it also), 18" barrel, pump shotgun.

I'm only considering one of the Rem 870 variations or one of the Mossberg models. Cost is an issue - I want the best s/g for the least amount of $$ (don't we all)

Help me out here shotgunners!

I only own 2 shotguns. Rem 1100 12ga, Stevens single shot .410 (both used only for hunting). So, I'm kinda outta my league when it comes to defensive shotguns.

*12ga or 20ga? - taking into consideration that my wife (5'-2", 115lbs) will be training it.

*Which model/manufr s/g is best suited for my needs?

*What is the best load (12or20) with the least recoil?

*What choke would be best?

*Worthwhile Accessories to consider?

Anything else you can think of that might help me will be much appreciated!


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