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In reguard to DOD and shotfuns the USMC, lead branch for this particular program, has adopted a version of the Benelli Super 90 as the Department of Defense's new standard shotgun. It will be equipped with a rail system (similar to the Reed Knight RAS), and will have the ability to accept all systems compatible with the M4 carbine.

I currently own a Beretta 1201 that made a trip to Ted Yost's shop for Gunsite Police Shotgun mods. This is the gun that resides in my bedroom for those things that may go bump in the night.

My wife, who weighs 112 lbs, has no problem shooting it. Though try as I might, started with #7 shot, then up to 00 buck, and finally as a last resort slugs, she didn't thing the gun had too much recoil and stated "I've got me a new gun!" after she got done shooting it.

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