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Another TFLer e-mailed me a similar question. Here was my reply :

Hello Rick,

The first time I had used Foster slugs it was in the Mariner. The recoil was
so great that it prematurely opened the action after the first shot. It did not
open it completely, just enough to lower the carrier and release a new round from
the magazine. This would not have been a big problem except the hull from the
fired round wouldn't come all of the way out of the chamber. Had to put a lot of
effort on the slide to pull the hull out. Although I felt that the action opening
up by itself was somewhat dangerous, I proceeded to shot the rest of the four
slugs one at a time just to get rid of them. Some time after that, I tried mag
loads and they too opened the action slightly, but not as bad as the slugs and
they were easier to extract. Now I know from experience that if you do not hold
the fore-end even pheasant and dove loads will open the action under recoil.
However, every time I did hold the fore-end the action has never opened under
recoil up to regular load #4 shot. (I really haven't tried larger pellets as I
think #4 is the best for indoor defense. Doesn't penetrate as much through drywall
as buck but should provide enough energy and spread to at least get whoever is not
welcome to drop what they may have.)

Later on when I got one of the parkerized 590s I went to the range with a
co-worker friend who had a blue one. I handed him a couple of either Brenneke or
Federal sabot rounds to try out. I was thinking that the plastic 'shoes' would
help ease the slugs travel down the barrel and not give any problems the Fosters
did. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to his and my shotgun and I haven't
used slugs in the 590s since.

On the other hand, I had tried the sabots and mags in a Benelli M3S90 and the
gun worked fine. Those rounds are punishing on the shoulder though.

- Ron V.

I know Sabots aren't the best in smoothbores, I just wanted to try them.


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