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The 870 is a very good shotgun. It comes in many gages and you can get it in the affordable express model that doesn't have the pretty finish but it is chamber for 3" magnum shells if you choose to use them. You can spend alot of money for others and have the most expensive single shot made. That is the kind th functions and jams and that jam ends up costing you the ultimate price. your life. I like remingtons in the semi-auto 1100 special field for bird hunting. I use the 20 ga. which has a 21" barrel and holds a max. of 4 rounds with plug out. It falls in the most expensive single shot group because it has jammed a few times. The 870 on the other hand I carried one in the field for years and it never failed me.
The 870 with a 21" barrel in 12 ga. which will hold 5 shoots and you can buy an extended magazine that will increase this to 9 shots would make a very good home defence weapon.
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