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Several years ago I read an article in the American Rifleman that compared the various chokes shooting the Foster type slugs that come in most commercial slug loads. The best accuracy came from the modified choke. When I cut the barrel on my Remington 870 from 28" to 20" and installed a choke tube, I used a modified.

Shooting a defensive shotgun class at FAS, my shotgun grouped birdshot, buck and slugs better than the folks that had cylinder choked (no choke) shotguns. Most of them had Mossberg 500's and 590's and I think there was a Benelli, but all were more open choked.

A tighter choke(up to modified) means fewer pellets off target using buckshot. This can be a help in a defensive shooting situation outside a building. You still have to aim to hit what you mean to even with an open choke.


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