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I'm like you, most of what I've bought is used. You could pick up a cosmetically beat up Rem 1100 or 11-87 and refinish the wood or put synthetics on it. The Remington is about the only low dollar semi-auto shotgun that has many aftermarket parts for it that aren't custom built (read expensive). Put in extended mag tube and spring, high-vis follower, Side Saddle, smooth out the trigger, etc. Don't forget extra O-rings. Look through the Brownells book for all the parts you may possibly need or want on it. You'll probably end up spending about the same when all is said and done but it'll be what you want not what someone else thinks you want. I've done this with several Mossberg 500 (pumps) series and clones. I've picked up the shotguns for as low as $100 and put less than $80 more into some of them, not including my time and labor. Let me know how it works out.
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