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I am contemplating the acquisition of an old 12ga Remington 11. It comes with a 26" barrel and is comfortable to shoot. However, I'd like to check a few details first:

- does anyone make 18,5" barrels for it? Would the gun still cycle right with a shorter barrel?

- Being recoil operated, the gun must be held steady to cycle, a potential problemfor hip shots...would a gas operated shotgun cycle properly even if held unsteadily?

- Any reason why recoiling barrel design is no longer used? [Guess this question is like "why doesn't anyone use MP40-type telescoping bolt anymore?"]

-Any modern autoloading alernatives that go for under $200 and function? The one I tried would run $120 but I am concerned about parts availablity.

-I have seen Remington 11 in 20ga...would it kick less? 12ga is cheaper to feed and has slightly more effect...but I'd rather go for comfort level over cheap ammo.

- As any gun I own, it has to be at least marginally usable as a defense weapon...anything about that type of gun that would disqualify it?

- Finally, can I slip a shell into the chamber and leave it that way, as I can with my handguns? Will it fire if I drop/shake/verbally abuse the gun?

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