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We're about to conduct a performance evaluation on a French designed saboted slug called the Balle Fleche Sauvestre Sledgehammer. It was designed by Jean-Claude Sauvestre, the French engineer who designed the U.S. Army's M1 Abrams fin stabilized depleted uranium saboted anti-tank projectile.

The Sledgehammer shotgun slug is fin stabilized. It is touted as being as accurate when fired out of a smoothbore barrel as a rifled barrel. The slug itself is approximately .45 caliber, and weighs about 400 grains. The shotshell box indicates a velocity of 1640 fps (barrel length unknown). These specifications are similar to a .45-70 Government cartridge.

I was given 45 rounds of this ammunition by the importer for law enforcement performance evaluation. I recently destroyed two of my skyscreens attempting to measure its velocity from my 18" Vang Comp barrel equipped 870. My fear was realized when one of the sabot sleeves damaged the sensor assemblies on the skyscreens. I suppose I'll have to protect the skyscreens with plywood armor.

You can learn more about the Sledgehammer slug by visiting:

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