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As a diehard O/U shooter I respectfully disagree with the suggestion that the AL390 is the best gun for clays. Of course I am biased and probably pigheaded about my choice of gun. The Beretta silver Pigeon is a fine gun, I owned a 28 ga silver pigeon and it worked just fine, although it had 26" barrels and was too short for me. I sold it to a buddy after he twisted my arm and he shoots it better than he shoots his Beretta 303 in 12 ga. The type of gun you shoot is a personal choice and everybody looks for different things. An O/U has many advantages and will be less prone to breakage and jamming than a gas gun. But gas guns kick less and are generally lighter and easier to mount and swing. I would suggest you arrange to shoot both the Silver Pigeon and a Beretta 390 prior to purchasing to get a feel for how the gun suits you. (This by the way is advice
that I have not followed and this has cost me considerable sums of money buying guns that I eventually found weren't suited to me).Most ranges will rent guns for a day and you should be able to get a feel for the guns after a day of shooting. Of course I would like to ban all gas guns from clays ranges but then I am biased.
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