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Don R
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I remember reading an article on U.S.M.C. "FAST," or, Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Teams.

What sticks in my mind is what one officer said in that article, "We are interested in the surgical placement of buckshot." That is not a direct quote, but it is very close, they do not look at the shotgun as a spray and pray affair and I do not either.

My stock Benelli, M1 Tactical/Super 90 patterns very tight for just being a smoothbore weapon. It blasts slugs downrange quite well. The Ghost Ring is a wonderful thing, can I get an Amen?

I would like to eventually get a Vang Comped barrel for my Italian Mistress, how much would one cost for my Benelli?

I hear the Vang miraculously tightens up slug groups too, what a bargain.

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