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Big Hext,

Thanks for the input! What's ailin' your 92? We cycled a
magazine's worth of Houston Cartridge Co's 38's through
the action (in a safe direction, of course!!) and they seemed
to feed if we didn't cycle too slowly. We will be at the T.C.
shoot and I guess we'll find out. In case it don't work, we
surely appreciate the offer of your boys rifle for the match!
I think my boy will want to try this one first though; he's been
helpin' me cycle the action to smooth it out and has been
droolin' right along side of me. I was looking at a '73 at
the same time but liked the price tag on this one A-LOT more
for a starter gun. That '73 sure was nice, though...
Thanks for the pointer on the .357 cases. We'll sure try 'em
out if these don't work.


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