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you are correct, I misread your meaning.. sorry.
The recoil operated guns can also be finicky with Light loads, the cleaner the better in those cases.

Though, we hunted mixed bag with light loads this past weekend. Even the Pheasant were dropping pretty consistently with Winchester target lights, I think they were 2 1/2 dr.eq. (after the heavy charge #8s ran out.....) I have shot a ton of Remington STS premier target (2 3/4 dr.eq.) out of my Benelli without a hiccup. My wife's shotgun has been more choosy about its ammo, not cycling reliably with 2 1/2 dr.eqs., though she tends to "give" when she gets tired, causing the shotgun equivalent of a "limp-wrist" malfunction with the recoil operated guns.
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