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Rob Pincus
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I agree with Tom, consider the Benelli. Recoil operated, and tactical reload ability to switch loads without having to empty the tube....very cool with a little practice.

I agree with 4V50, the scope is a liability in the home defense role. If you are going to use a scope, consider a Holosite.

Ringo, I do not agree with your dealer, how can you stick to full power loads while you are Quail hunting? Unless you are just going quail shooting, that is going to be a very light meal, by the time you scrape up what is left of the bird.

the 10 in tubes are very long, if this is really going to be a tactical gun, consider that three less rounds mean (the 7 round tube) allows you to use an 18" barrel, this means less wieght and easier to weild in close quarters. What situation can you not handle with 8 rounds of 12 gauge??
Furthermore, consider the side saddle as an alternative to the speed stock. and/or a bandolier sling.
I am all for using a tactical gun for clays and bird hunting and everything else you can imagine, see my posts on that subject in the hunting forum.
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