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This past weekedn I had the pleaseure of hunting and shooting at Rough Creek ranch in Texas, I was there iwth some people who have some very pretty, expensive guns. SideBsides, O/Us, and autos. Lots of pretty wood, lotsa 4 figure plus shotgunnage.
Me? The same 18" Barrel M1 with 7 shot tube and pistol grip stock. They did double takes, they sneered, they scoffed, nudged one another and shook their heads. They even gave me a little good natured crap over my "assualt weapon".. then the shooting started. I was using Cylinder choke and the clays were turning to dust. after the first round 20 out of 25 set the pace. they laughed and joked that they may have to give it another try. The second round upped the standard to M1 23 out of 25, Pretty wood guns all in the teens...
It would stay that way for the rest of the weekend, including in the field (even without taking advantage of teh extra capacity)... the Benneli brought in much birdage. I may have even converted a few of them...
Even the rangemaster (who set up the first sporting clays course in the US back in '84) took a loiking to the idea of being able to shoot at ALL 6 targets at the 5-stand in ONE flurry. (although neither of us ever did hit ALL 6 in one flurry, we did get the shots off.. )
Start looking for pistol grips at finer shooting establishents near you....

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