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I am sorry that you are so disappointed in your transaction with us (Cheaper Than Dirt). I can sort of understand the problem of expecting red snap caps and receiving blue ones and wanting an exchange or refund. I do not understand why you would say that we would not do anything to remedy this problem. I think the TFLer’s should know the facts before any judgements are made. Don’t you agree?

Let’s review what was emailed about your Snap Cap order:

Starting with my first email after learning of the problem:


I understand that you thought that you were getting RED Snap Caps and you
were sent blue ones. You can return these but we will not be able to send
you any red because we do not have them.

Technical advisor

This is an extremely disappointing response. This was my first experience
purchasing from Cheaper Than Dirt. What happened - I ordered a product,
something different was sent than what I ordered, and now I can send the
product back at my own expense? This is unacceptable.

Not to mention that the incorrect information still remains on your website
for other customers to be misled.

What can Cheaper Than Dirt do to make sure I do business with you in the

I am sorry that we do not have the red Snap Caps that you were expecting. I am also sorry that the website wasn't corrected right away (it should be corrected by Monday). When I mentioned that you should return them I should have also mentioned that we will credit you for the return shipping. Please send the Snap Caps back either UPS or US Priority Mail and we will credit you for that amount.

If this is not acceptable please let me know.

[email protected]
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