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thumbs down for cheaper than will no longer get my business.

I ordered some snap caps for my 9000s. The web site showed that they were red and the item description read "caps are easily distinguished by their red color." The caps ran me $11.99 and $5.99 for s/h.

The caps came in a reasonable amount of time, but they were BLUE! Not too big of a deal, but I gave them a call to see what they could do to rectify the situation. Their response was that since I ordered it off of the web, they would have to forward my concern to the webmaster.

I get an e-mail the next day saying that the company who produces the snap caps bought out another company, and decided to use the rest of their blue inventory. I could mail the caps back (Priority Mail) and get a refund. They also said that the error would be corrected immediately on their webpage.

I told them this was unacceptable. I would be out my initial $5.99 s/h and then another $3.50 to mail them back - this was for a $11.99 item. CTD's response was that that was all they could do.

Anyway, I decided to keep the caps. I checked their website 2 weeks after this all happended, and sure enough, they still promote the caps as being red. I e-mailed them about this, but no response.

They've lost this customer!!!

Sure enough... one month later, it still show red caps...
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