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The "Is this your idea of Team Building?" question was asked by at least a few students directly. The answer was always, "No." Their stated reason for the physical stress was to create a condition in the students that might equate the stress condition of real combat. There was little talk of any team building or team tactics. Of course, most of us realize that you cannot learn under those conditions, only practice (see above).
At first it did seem that they were trying to build teams, but it played very little in practical terms during the course. In fact, the "no losers" concept worked against any possible "team building" aspect of the physical drills.

Once again, it is important to understand that the "No Losers" did not mean "No Failures." They didn't appear to put much stock in making students feel good about themselves. It was more like: "You suck, but at least you can learn from your suckiness, so you are not a loser."
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