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I see what G3 means, though. If you're going to push a "no losers" philosophy, is it safe to do that in a training environment that is so harsh and competitive? If people are going to be taking part in fierce physically competitive exercises where people can easily get hurt (and did) might it be safer to emphasize fighting hard over making sure everyone feels like a winner?
Or might that lead to more injuries?
I don't know.

I've been reading a lot about Aikido lately, and they have much the same philosophy as I think I got from Rob's post. In training, they consider the "competitive mind" a detriment and avoid all perception of winning and losing as best they can. Pettman says the aikidoka trains for higher "sensitivity" to an opponent, a better understanding of his balance, movement and mind. This is why aikidoka do so many exercises in which one does not resist the technique, which look like flowery demonstrations to the rest of us (I admit I haven't quite accepted this philosophy.) Being thrown is as educational for the uke as throwing is for the other guy, and the thrower is not demonstrating superiority to the throwee.
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