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Rob Pincus
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Don's take is correct. One of the things that I believe ISS was doing right was stressing that, though you may fail to achieve the objective during a training scenario, you are still better off than you were without attempting the training. Personally, I find that failing a scenario can often be more beneficial than successfully completing one.

In training, we should be trying to achieve perfect execution of our plans to achieve the objective. If we take a few shortcuts and the objective is still achieved (or we just get lucky), everyone smiles and high-fives are exchanged, but did we really advance ourselves? For the past 8 months or so, I've been experimenting with running video during training. Being able to play back an entry drill, for example, has been very eye-opening. Similarly, recording range time can be very valuable. You shoot isoceles, huh? Gee, it sure looks like your weak arm bends right after you start shooting .

Rather than explain the concept theoretically, ISS tried to PT the concept into our bodies. The rationale? If we didn't learn, we'd at least be stronger from the push-ups, etc!
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