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yada, yada ... the idiot shot a "loved one" by all accounts (after not really reading all the names, etc.)

The "gun went off" (again) & killed an innocent.

Violation of, hmmm, Rule #1 = ENGAGE BRAIN & Shoot the bad guy only! ... otherwise don't.

Just had a surprise birthday party of a known, card-carryin'/packin' fellow-bud last Sunday. Surprised him totally in a a darkened room with 50+ folk.

Would he have been justified in a smokin' of the room 'cause he "wuz a-scared?"


Anybody using lethal force to defend themselves must absolutely KNOW! that they are in danger. & cannot deal with it any other way ....

Good grief! folks. Have we come to such a state in this society that we are "allowed" to kill anyone merely because we "were a-scared?"

"Honestly, Yer Honer. There I wuz & my wife jumped out & YELLED, I tell ya, YELLED, Happy Birthday! We'd a-had five burgals already this year & I wuz a-scared, I tell ya .... "

"I know it's a cast-ironed bitch, but I gotta make pancakes fer the kidz all last week now wif The Wife dead 'n gone ... Cantcha cut me some slack .... ?"
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