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As for Israeli tactics, talk the talk and walk the walk.
During an assault on the Golan heights, 19 of 21 Isreali tanks were knocked out. The commander in charge stormed a barb wire fence and laid down on it so his men could run over him and assault the position. It is not always superior intelligence that leads to their victory. The other guy gets beat, he can go home.
The Israelis get beat, they die by execution, torture, or whatever the ragheads decide. They would be wiped out to the last woman and child. Kind of puts a different perspective on tactics for them.

As for the finale, I think it is useful in unarmed combat. All moves must include a finisher. As for civil teams, well, it is a fine line in firing situations. Citizens are citizens and must be respected and treated with respect. Armed terrorists must be shot like mad dogs. It takes a special person to walk that line.
That is the real question. As for the modern cop mentality, I see too many scared cops. I don't know what they are scared of but quite a few are downright scared.

Good night.


I know how it feels to be set up. Many, many years ago when I took my fist Karate class on my own time, I was tired after working all day-took it after work, not on duty-and had a hard time concentrating at times. My ex wife told the instructor I had just got back fromFt. Bragg and thought i was tough. I didn't know where Ft. Bragg was! He whispered for me to make it look good and rolled me really good for the class. Afterwards, he told me I really made it look good, like I was inept! I am glad he did not kill me, and it slowly sunk in that I was a beginner! Well, it went well after that but I was sore for a while. That instructor was almost as tough as some editors. They use verbal bludgeons to great effect.
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