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Kaylee, why do we want to "make the perp" pay but when the perp is a gun owner we give him a pass? Not very bright to go looking for a fight, and then "no joy" find one. We still blame the attacker not the victim.

The stupidity is with the shooter and the shooter alone. The bullet came from his barrel. He controlled the means to destroying life and failed in his duty to preserve it purportedly. We should not and cannot shift blame to the innocent victim.

Not a smart idea to hide the closet and surprise someone (I can think of MANY ways for my GFs to surprise me, but cannot list those here!). However, you, the shooter, are still responsible for decision of whether or not to press the trigger and it is you who will pay via the prison showers, civilly, or through admin revocation of your CCW.

Long Path, not every state has grand juries. ("Yes, your grand juryship"). Where I am it takes one man's signature to prosecute him for Manslaughter, Criminal Recklessness Causing Serious Bodily Injury, and Pointing a Firearm. Grand juries will not always be there to (hopefully) bail a person out of a horrific mistake.

Lessons learned: a pistol is not license to run around like some Tommy tactical gunshop commando in a video game, your house is not a free fire zone where you can "shoot them all and let Bok sort them out" or whatever you learned in the gunshop or gun rag, and you MUST be certain of your target and its backstop.

Avoidance is best!
"Arguments of policy must give way to a constitutional command." Payton v. New York, 445 U.S. 573, 602 (1980).
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