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Universal carbine: magazine for

My father, who is 83 and wanted a light rifle of little recoil, bought a Universal .30 Carbine. The receiver shows that the maker is in Hialeah, FL. I believe there was a Universal company in Arkansas, too, at one time. The same ?? Quality seems better than I'd have thought, not bad at all, but it seems to have no hold-open device for the bolt.

Anyway, either the dealer failed to give him a magazine or he's lost it. Will GI magazines fit this gun? What about those for Plainfield carbines?

I have no experience with these "off-brand" guns, although I have shot the GI version of the weapons, without being too impressed. For his needs, basically home defense at a time of riot, burglary, etc., I think the gun will serve him well, but obviously, he needs a magazine or two. What's a fair price for one these days, and are the GI 30 round "bannana clips" still legal to sell? Are dealers charging ridiculous prices for them?

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